PROJECT:  Morotai Extension 2013

DESCRIPTION: This project is a large extension on a moderately sloping site in a beautiful native garden setting in Sorrento.

The clients brief was for a large two storey extension although it was important that the form did not dominate the garden with excessive visual bulk or overshadow. The existing site levels have been uses to advantage here and allow the two levels to sit low one the site. The new ground floor level matches the existing house and the lower level has been tucked under.

Aesthetically, we wanted the form of the extension to have a sculptural quality within the garden. This said, we also did not want it to sit 'heavily' in . Therefore, the heavier weight silver grey upper level appears to float over the dark stained 'shadowy' timber lower level. The long terrace adds a sense of weightlessness in the way it extends out from the site and existing house.  A vertical masonry unit to the edge of the terrace, appears to anchor the terrace back to the site further adding to the visual play between form and weight.